Mini Biography: Lotte Laserstein

Born in Prussia, Laserstein’s mother was a pianist and porcelain painter and her father was a pharmacist. She attended the Berlin Art Academy for about 6 years in her 20’s and was one of only a handful of women to do so. Continue reading Mini Biography: Lotte Laserstein


Under Watchful Eyes

This digital composite combines a wallpaper design created by Claude Bragdon accessed through the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection, a photograph taken by me of a small machine at work with my phone, a photograph from Lewis Hine taken in 1924, and effects from Photoshop were applied to the different elements of the image multiple times. The original photograph from Hine, as well as the small original design from Bragdon, can be viewed here. Continue reading Under Watchful Eyes

Two Women

This digital composite is a bit more “artsy” than is typical and only includes 1 photographic element – an old photograph by Alfred Stieglitz a photographer and gallery owner who is currently at least as well known for being Georgia O’Keeffe’s husband.  The other element is a crayon life drawing which, like the photograph, has been heavily manipulated with Photoshop effects.  Continue reading Two Women