Typesetting is a fairly involved digital composite that incorporates several mediums and a lot of repetition. The series of photographs is probably the most noticeable of the mediums due to the white border highlighting the main part of the image. Continue reading Typesetting


I have recently started to consider myself a multidisciplinary artist instead of a painter. A large part of this change is because I am, constitutionally, unable to give up on a specific medium which is supposedly  incompatible with the ‘painter’ label. Continue reading

Textured Electric Saxophone, alternately titled TexElec

Textured Electric Saxophone is not, by my definition, a digital composite. But it is digital art. This piece was created from a 17 x 11 inch misprint of a saxophone wood block I carved. The image with the two saxophones flipped and overlapping was very interesting to me so I brought it home and scanned it into my computer. My scanner can’t handle images that large so I scanned it twice and pieced it back together in Photoshop. On the left side of the image under the reed of the aqua colored saxophone the bell of the upside down and reversed lime colored sax is still visible and just a trace of the reed below the bell of the aqua sax.  Continue reading Textured Electric Saxophone, alternately titled TexElec

Under Watchful Eyes

This digital composite combines a wallpaper design created by Claude Bragdon accessed through the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection, a photograph taken by me of a small machine at work with my phone, a photograph from Lewis Hine taken in 1924, and effects from Photoshop were applied to the different elements of the image multiple times. The original photograph from Hine, as well as the small original design from Bragdon, can be viewed here. Continue reading Under Watchful Eyes