When it hits you, you feel no pain

If you recognized the lyric from above, good job. If you didn’t recognize the lyric it’s from the song Trenchtown Rock (1971) written and performed by Bob Marley. Trenchtown is a neighboorhood in Kingston, Jamaica. It is considered the birthplace of Reggae music. One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain So hit me with music, hit me with music. I … Continue reading When it hits you, you feel no pain

Picky Eaters

I was a picky eater. I was a picky eater in a permissive family. I was a picky eater in a permissive family that ate, drank, and smoked not quite in moderation. I was also the youngest in my family, the only grandchild, and as stubborn as a mule.   All of this means that I never ate a green vegetable from my earliest memory … Continue reading Picky Eaters


People interest me. The choices people make, the paths they take, the way they move and talk and interact, have always fascinated me. I watch people like other people watch TV shows or movies. I can become fully immersed. When I was younger, and far more confrontational, I used to say that I wished I could keep people in small cages like rats. So I … Continue reading People


Scintillating title, but not a scintillating topic – well not for most people. The blogosphere (that omniscient sphere of faceless knowledge and/or opinion) indicates that for the artist to truly communicate or connect to the viewer the artist needs a cohesive body of work. One concept, one subject, one medium, one style at a time. Too many voices become noise and noise is incomprehensible. The … Continue reading Bodies