Scintillating title, but not a scintillating topic – well not for most people.
The blogosphere (that omniscient sphere of faceless knowledge and/or opinion) indicates that for the artist to truly communicate or connect to the viewer the artist needs a cohesive body of work. One concept, one subject, one medium, one style at a time. Too many voices become noise and noise is incomprehensible.
The blogosphere also indicates that this is not how many artists want to create work (which I completely get.) I sometimes get distracted by ideas that pop into my head so I stop working on one thing to quickly work on the new idea. However, there is no telling what other thoughts have occurred in the time it takes me to finish the new “hey, what if I did this” idea. And in the whole process the first original piece sits collecting dust. Less of a problem since I don’t go to an outside job but still an issue. I currently have 5 widely different pieces in various stages of completion in my studio.
One person recommends reducing it down to 1 specific subject. Not just say, the breed Beagles but the Beagle next door named Barney. That idea, while it would be an interesting exercise, does not seem sustainable for even a short period of time for me. I would quickly come to the idea that the 15 Barney’s I had were too many Barneys. Plus I would probably start to dislike the actual Barney.
But just imagine if this concept was expanded to other art forms. Imagine, for example, going to see The Eagles in concert and listening to Hotel California for 2-3 hours. At some point you wouldn’t care if it was Glenn Fry or Don Henley or even Joe Walsh singing. You’d just want it to stop. What if the only book you read was The Stand. Or if Stephen King only wrote The Stand – over and over again. No Cujo, Christine, or Pet Cemetery. No Dark Tower, Rose Madder or Doctor Sleep. Just The Stand. I’ll let that horror sink in for a bit.