I have not added a blog post in over a month. In that time:

+ The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) declared gay people had the same rights as everyone else.

+ The Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC) agreed and stated that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covered gay people too.

+/- Bree Newsome scaled a flagpole in S.C. and took down the symbol of a failed rebellion whose objective was to maintain the subjugation of an entire segment of our population.

– Another white, hetrosexual male opened fire on a segment of the population he hated – women.

– A black woman named Sandra Bland was arrested, imprisoned and ultimately died because a Texas cop wanted her to have a better attitude towards him and his harassment of her.

– She was one of several women of color who died in police custody that week.

– Donald Trump seemingly captured the interest of the Republican rank and file by making disparaging comments based on race as well as mocking American POWs.

– A cop shot and killed another unarmed black man … Again and again and again and …

– Trump has continued to make inappropriate comments about everyone who isn’t Donald Trump and has continued to rise in popularity with Republican voters.

A quick look at the +/- column shows that June was good for the LBGTQ+ population but June and July continued to suck for black people (continuing a streak of legendary proportions.) Status quo continued for straight white women as the biggest threat to their health and happiness is seemingly their male counterparts. In short, it is not for a lack of possible topics that I haven’t blogged.

In the 6-7 weeks that I haven’t blogged I have read a number of really good, insightful and thought provoking articles and blogs. Including: I, Racist by John Metta (which can be found here), The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates (there) , and a post by Kelly Brown Douglas, a priest and professor entitled Sanda Bland and other ‘Angry Black Women’ (here.) I would encourage anyone who is interested in issues based on the social construct we human beings know as race to check them out.

Yet I still haven’t blogged.

So now I have become mired in the WHY(s) of not blogging because that is what we do, right? Distract ourselves with meaningless side tangents … like the Macarena (if you don’t remember and you really feel a need to know wiki it.)

Is the problem that I have too much to say? I was tremendously happy and relieved with the first two developments on the list and could have easily made two or three blogs on the personal impact and significance of the SCOTUS decision on my life. Likewise, I could truly go on an epic rant about the rest of the above issues and have, internally, at least once a day.

Is the problem that the things I have to say have been said, far more eloquently, by someone else already? True, to some extent, but I do have some ideas and opinions about the events/issues mentioned above that I have not seen expressed in digital media such as the connections between America’s lack of gun control, the rise of personal firearms, the cops apparent fear of the general populace and the increase in the militarization of police forces.

Have I not blogged because I feel powerless to change the likelihood of future violence against my fellow citizens who happen to have a different amount of melanin? Well, I do feel powerless because it seems we’ve passed the tipping point (the magic moment when positive social change is within reach) without tipping and, if we have, perhaps change is not inevitable or maybe even possible. An option which, if I were of an existential nihilist type of person, would mean it was useless to rage against injustice anyway.

Or it could be some kind of blogger’s block. Is that even a thing?