The Grammys & Burning Man Combined And Slathered in Paint: Art Basel

Art Basel in Miami just concluded it’s 2015 show. After reading a lot of articles about it and following a few of the artist’s Instagram posts I have to say Art Basel sounds like one of the two coolest art happenings in the world with the other being the Armory Show in New York (even though Art Basel also occurs in Basel, Switzerland and Hong Kong which means I should say one of the four coolest … but my original statement sounds better.)

It is a huge, 3 day-long, international art event. It’s not even really a show – it’s too big for that term to have any real meaning as there were over 260 galleries from 30+ countries showing work in 7 sections within Miami’s convention center. But there are additional art fairs all through Miami during Art Basel as well as parties and other events.  At least 50,000 people attended the official show this year. There was also a stabbing at Art Basel which some people apparently mistook for performance art …

In any case, I would love to go. A week in Miami in December isn’t THAT expensive. Probably.