Mini Biography: Hans Memling

Hans Memling
Birth: 1430
Death: Aug. 11th, 1494
Nationality: German
Movement: Netherlandish

Born near Frankfurt, Memling worked in Cologne as an apprentice before moving to Brussels to work under the direction of Rogier van der Weyden. He was in Bruges by 1465, working steadily on altarpieces and portraits, and growing an international reputation. Within his paintings he painted several examples of Armenian carpets which featured a characteristic hook motif and today those types of rugs are known as Memling carpets. In 1473, Memling’s painting the Last Judgement was sold to an associate of the Medici in Italy, stolen by a privateer en route, and ended up in St. Mary’s Church in Poland. Memling died in Bruges in 1494 and his considerable estate was settled by the close of 1495. If you visit Belgium, the grand hall and church of the former St. John’s Hospital in Bruges has been preserved and converted into the Hans Memling Museum.

Some of his notable works include:

Last Judgement 


Memling, Hans. Last Judgement, c. late 1460s, National Museum, Gdańsk.


The Donne Triptych (or Donne Altarpiece)



Memling, Hans. The Donne Triptych, c. 1470s, National Gallery, London.


Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine 



Memling, Hans. Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine, c. 1480s, Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Diptych of van Maarten van Nieuwenhove 


Memling, Hans. Diptych of van Maarten van Nieuwenhone, c. 1487,  Brugge, Belgium.


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