Mini Biography: Jean Hey

Nationality: Dutch Movement: Netherlandish Jean Hey (sometimes spelled Hay) was, according to the current theories of art historians, also known by the moniker the Master of Moulins and as such is considered the most significant painter of International Gothic painting. However, little is known about him under either name. In fact, even Hey’s birth and death dates are unknown so, in the place usually reserved for … Continue reading Mini Biography: Jean Hey

Double Standards

I am curious as to why different forms of art are treated differently. Art can be thought of as the creative output in painting, literature, dance, and music. I could easily make the argument that acting is also an art. In addition to each of those broad categories there are smaller segments. In the case of dance: ballet, ballroom, or swing dancing and for literature … Continue reading Double Standards

Mini Biography: Mary Beale

Birth: March, 1633 Death: October 8th, 1699 Nationality: British Movement:Baroque Born in Suffolk, England to a rector named John Craddock and his wife Dorothy, Beale grew up in Barrow. At the age of 18 she married Charles Beale and by the 1650’s-1660’s, when she became a professional painter, he became her studio manager and kept detailed records of her studio practices, materials, and sales. As … Continue reading Mini Biography: Mary Beale

Women in Abstract Expressionism Exhibit

Through Sept. 25th, 2016 the Denver Art Museum is hosting the Women of Abstract Expressionism exhibition. Twelve female abstract artists, from both the New York and the Bay Area art movements, are showcased in the exhibit organized by Gwen Chanzit, the curator of the 4-story building that houses the Denver Art Museum’s Modern and Contemporary art collection. Fifty-one works by Mary Abbott, Jay DeFeo, Perle … Continue reading Women in Abstract Expressionism Exhibit

Mini Biography: Jean Fouquet

Birth: 1420/1425 Death: 1481 Nationality: French Movement: Renaissance Born in Tours, France Jean Fouquet traveled to Rome sometime before 1447 when he painted a portrait of Pope Eugenius IV on canvas. Credited with bringing Italian Renaissance painting techniques to France Fouquet is also considered the creator of the portrait miniature. By 1461 he had completed his work on an illuminated book of hours for France’s treasurer Etienne Chevalier. A book … Continue reading Mini Biography: Jean Fouquet