Mini Biography: Jean Hey

Nationality: Dutch
Movement: Netherlandish

Jean Hey (sometimes spelled Hay) was, according to the current theories of art historians, also known by the moniker the Master of Moulins and as such is considered the most significant painter of International Gothic painting. However, little is known about him under either name. In fact, even Hey’s birth and death dates are unknown so, in the place usually reserved for such information, the notation typically reads fl. ca. 1475-1505 which stands for “he was active (fl. is the abbreviation for floruit which translates as flourished or bloomed) between 1475 and 1505.

His notable work includes: Margaret of Austria, The Annunciation, and The Moulins Triptych which are pictured below.


Hey, Jean. Margaret of Austria (1490), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.



Hey, Jean. The Annunciation (1490-1495), The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago.



Hey, Jean. Center panel of The Moulins Triptych (1498), The Moulins Cathedral Basilica, France.