Ironlung is an example of what I call a Digital Composite. I take photographic elements and combine them with both digital drawing and/or design as well as more traditional mediums and then apply effects from photography software. I’ve been told to refer to artwork created in any part on a computer as Digital art, however, that term completely ignores the other methods involved. Mixed media, as a term is better, but doesn’t really explain the effects so – Digital Composite.
In Ironlung (full image below) I combined an old photograph of a building (the Acme Scrap Iron and Metal Company in OKC) taken by photographer Russell Lee with recent photographs I had taken of copper tubes and brass fittings. The building and parking lot were hand colored. I drew the gas mask wearing men with pencil and added color, texture, and patterns to their clothing with Photoshop. The greenish, polluted sky was digitally painted and the whole image was unified with graphic effects from my computer software.
Logan, Trace. Ironlung (2016)