Mini Biography: Angelica Kauffman

Birth: Oct. 30, 1741 Death: Nov. 5th, 1807 Nationality: Swiss Movement: Neoclassical Kauffman was very well educated for her time; a talented singer she spoke four languages and was a commissioned portrait painter while still in her teens. She traversed several countries with her father, a mural painter, as his assistant and as such was exposed to a large amount of Classic, Renaissance, and Neoclassical … Continue reading Mini Biography: Angelica Kauffman

The Pantone Color of the Year

Perhaps you’ve read the articles, or seen the headlines, proclaiming the Color of the Year to be Greenery. Then again, maybe you haven’t, but in either case the color looks like this: This image is from an article in Time magazine about the color with some brief information on why that particular shade was chosen. An article written in 2012 from Slate goes into more detail about the … Continue reading The Pantone Color of the Year

Stuff Your Rage

One of the simplest Digital Composites I’ve created Stuff Your Rage is primarily hand drawn but colored both by hand and with various brushes from computer software. The burger is obviously a photography of a major fast food chain burger and the two pieces were treated to the same photography effects to provide cohesion. Although I have mentioned in other posts that I don’t like to … Continue reading Stuff Your Rage

Mini Biography: Elizabeth Coffin

Birth: Sept. 9, 1950 Death: June 21, 1930 Nationality: American Movement: American Realism Coffin was born into a Quaker family in Brooklyn, N.Y. and studied at the Friends Seminary in NYC before attending one of the Seven Sisters, Vassar. She studied art in the Netherlands for a few years prior to becoming the first American to attain a M.F.A. in 1876.  Even after receiving her Master’s degree … Continue reading Mini Biography: Elizabeth Coffin

Greeting Card Art

Sometimes I make birthday cards or a tag to go on a gift (so the tag matches the paper) or a Christmas card(s) for friends and family. A money holder I sent this Christmas ended up being fairly elaborate with specifically created artwork in addition to cutting and pasting components together. On other occasions one of my home made card might be very basic and use free Photoshop graphics. One … Continue reading Greeting Card Art

Mini Biography: Albrecht Durer

Birth: May 21, 1471 Death: April 6, 1528 Nationality: German Movement: Northern Renaissance Born into a family of Goldsmiths in Nuremberg, Germany Durer learned the family trade as well as drawing as a youngster before being apprenticed at 15 to a painter and print maker. A true Renaissance Man Durer painted in watercolor, tempera, and oils in addition to drawing, engraving, and making woodcut prints. … Continue reading Mini Biography: Albrecht Durer

Man Ray said, “All …”

“… opinion is transient and all work permanent.” Artists, writers, choreographers, designers, and musicians should have this quote tattooed on some part of their body that they see everyday. To make that easier please feel free to copy the below image if necessary: You might absolutely hate my work and think I’m a no talent hack. You may love it and want to look at … Continue reading Man Ray said, “All …”

Now Showing

Now Showing,  full image below, combines an untitled photograph from 1935 in Ben Shahn and several smaller photographs of handguns, a bullet, and hunting and assault rifles. Shahn’s photograph was a black and white image of boys looking at movie posters. Werewolves featured prominently. I added color by hand with pencils and texture with Photoshop effects. Each of the guns (and the bullet) received backgrounds … Continue reading Now Showing

Mini Biography: Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

Birth: November 2, 1699 Death: December 6, 1779 Nationality: French Movement: Rococo time period, but French Provincial Realism in practice (yes, I totally made French Provincial Realism and to see why check out A Brief History of Rococo.) The son of a Parisian carpenter (his father is sometimes referred to as a cabinet maker or a billiards table maker) Chardin got his start painting signs. … Continue reading Mini Biography: Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

American Gothic Revisited

American Gothic (1930) is a painting by Grant Wood of the Dibble House in Eldon, Iowa and this is my modern interpretation of that piece. The composition is virtually unchanged yet because every single element has been altered the emotional atmosphere is more ambiguous. Instead of the old, taciturn farmer with his daughter I have hand drawn two children, a young factory worker named James Donovan and an … Continue reading American Gothic Revisited

Mini Biography: Elisabetta Sirani

Birth: Jan. 8th, 1638 Death: August, 28th, 1665 Nationality: Italian Movement: Baroque The eldest of 4 children she was taught to paint by her father and before the age of 20, with her father’s health was failing, she began running his workshop. She ran an extremely successful workshop with multiple students of both genders but is specifically credited with providing instruction to over 12 female painters. … Continue reading Mini Biography: Elisabetta Sirani