American Gothic Revisited

American Gothic (1930) is a painting by Grant Wood of the Dibble House in Eldon, Iowa and this is my modern interpretation of that piece. The composition is virtually unchanged yet because every single element has been altered the emotional atmosphere is more ambiguous.
Instead of the old, taciturn farmer with his daughter I have hand drawn two children, a young factory worker named James Donovan and an unnamed girl photographed by Lewis Hine in the early 1900’s. And instead of the neat, tiny little farmhouse on the prairie I have a photograph of the Pennock House in Delaware Co,. PA (A much more elaborate Pennock home in Chester Co., PA is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and seems to have withstood the test of time much better) with a backdrop of a map. I retained the black plate border with it’s markings from the photograph of the house but extended James’s shovel holding hand past the purposely uneven bottom border. I combined all of the separate elements by applying a photo editing software effect.