Naming Conventions

What to name artwork … this is a continual issue for me.
It would be easy to assume that at least part of my difficulty in naming artwork is due to being an abstract painter, however, I have difficulty naming non-abstract pieces too. And after a quick internet search I found it’s not just abstract artists that have difficulty with naming their artwork. I found an available for purchase naming guide, several blogs on the topic, and an abstract art title generator (which, incidentally, was quite fun – check it out here.)
The concept of a series of names for abstract artwork is appealing. One blogger used the names of the letters in the Greek alphabet after another artist told her he used the names of neutral things like states and cities. Kandinsky sometimes named his pieces Compositions or Improvisations (followed by a roman numeral) based on how involved the painting was but he had synesthesia so it makes perfect sense for him to use musical terms as titles but not so much for others to use musical terms unless they are synesthetes as well. For more on Kandinsky’s synesthesia click here and/or here while for more on synesthesia in general this is the link to the Wikipedia page.
The issue behind the naming problem is, I believe, that I don’t want to contaminate the viewer’s experience by imposing my own perceptions of the work onto theirs. I have started using the major colors involved in the work either as the title or as a significant component of the title which seems to be working out well … unless of course, they think that yellow is a shade of orange …
The acrylic on paper artwork that accompanies this post is called Banana Republic For All.