Man Ray said, “All …”

“… opinion is transient and all work permanent.”

Artists, writers, choreographers, designers, and musicians should have this quote tattooed on some part of their body that they see everyday. To make that easier please feel free to copy the below image if necessary:


You might absolutely hate my work and think I’m a no talent hack. You may love it and want to look at it everyday. It doesn’t matter. Obviously, funding both my art and the rest of my life would be easier if you liked my paintings BUT the work exists independent of your opinion; the artwork is a fact. And the idea that an internal, abstract thought can be made as real as you or me is freakin’ awesome.
On a broader lever, or for a broader audience, Man Ray’s quote could be seen as another way of saying that words aren’t as important as actions (which has been said by a lot of people in a lot of ways.) But I don’t think Man Ray was trying to say that words aren’t as important as actions because: 1. he was an artist, 2. he was underappreciated (and/or misunderstood) during his lifetime, 3. he specifies opinions instead of words and work as opposed to the actions, and 4. some people engaged in creative pursuits struggle to effectively deal with the opinions of others.
I know I do even though, on the whole, I’m very happy with and proud of my artwork. However, today I finished a piece that I’m taking to a Christmas party that includes an art exchange and I guess I’m feeling a bit insecure. I’ve never been to this group’s holiday celebration before and other than a few quick sketches I doubt that any of the other artists there will have ever even seen any of my artwork. In addition, I’m reasonably sure that once my wife sees the painting I’ve created she won’t like how it evolved.
“All opinion is transient and all work permanent.”
“All opinion is transient and all work permanent.”
“All opinion is transient and all work permanent.”
Hey, you! Buy some of my artwork, please. I need a new tattoo.