Stuff Your Rage

One of the simplest Digital Composites I’ve created Stuff Your Rage is primarily hand drawn but colored both by hand and with various brushes from computer software. The burger is obviously a photography of a major fast food chain burger and the two pieces were treated to the same photography effects to provide cohesion.
Although I have mentioned in other posts that I don’t like to talk too much about my perceptions of a piece so as to not influence the perceptions of the viewer I feel this work is a bit different. There is already so much discussion about topics such as mass consumerism, fast food consumption, diet, diets and obesity, income inequality, food deserts, and poverty that I think at least one of those subjects would come to mind of the typical viewer when presented with this image and the title of the work. For me, the work evokes the frustration of knowing fast food companies hire people at wages so low they qualify for government assistance while the companies (and CEOs) get rich off of other individuals who have few options (or too little time) for better food choices. Essentially, the poor and working class do the burger flipping, the working class and lower middle classes do the burger eating and all of these lower strata supplement the corporation’s responsibilities of living wages while the upper middle class and rich get profit sharing and stock dividends. But, you know, shuddup and eat your burger.