Mini Biography: Marie-Gabrielle Capet

Birth:September 6, 1761
Death: 1818
Nationality: French
Movement: Neoclassic
Born in Lyon, Capet moved to Paris to attend the Royal Academy of Art where only four female students were permitted to study at a time. She is depicted as a student in a painting by her teacher Adélaïde Labille-Guiard. The work, Self-Portrait with Two Pupils, was painted in 1785 and currently resides at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of the first females to participate in the Salon after the French Revolution Capet was very well known and respected as a portrait painter and later in her career as a history painter as well. She lived with Labille-Guiard and her husband painter François-André Vincent for many years as a friend, a model, and eventually caretaker for Vincent who died two years before Capet.
Some of Capet’s notable work includes: Self-Portrait (1783); Portrait of Anne-Félicité Grésille (1785); The Atelier of Madame Vincent which is pictured below and as the header image.


Capet, Marie-Gabrielle. The Atelier of Madame Vincent/Studio Scene (1808), Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany.