Freedom is Always in fashion

Freedom is Always in Fashion is a very recent digital composite and it seems fitting to discuss it today.
The original photograph was of a 1962 anti-nuclear weapons (Ban the Bomb) protest in Brooklyn, NY taken by photographer Dick DeMarsico. I cropped the image and changed the sign to reflect current issues. I added color to the young mother’s clothes, the baby’s pants, and the cutting edge baby carrier by hand before adding patterns via photo software. The background coloring and patterns were also added digitally and through a series of many layers to create the illusion of depth and to give the sepia tint often associated with old images. The hazy quality of the background also helps to separate my main figure from the other protesters. A young man, with an unfortunate Nazi-type hair cut, was removed altogether because he was disruptive to the composition and seemed to conflict with the young woman’s message. The original border was removed and a thicker, more consistent (and distinctive) one was added to tighten up the image.