You Never Forget The First

My initial feelings of shock and awe were likely due to …
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Mini Biography: Rogier van der Weyden

Birth: c. 1400 Death: June 18, 1464 Nationality: Belgian Movement: Early Netherlandish Rogier van der Weyden, also known as Rogelet de le Pasture, was born in 1399 or 1400, married in his mid 20’s, and fathered 4 children. Little is known about his second child, a daughter, but the oldest son became a Carthusian monk while the two younger boys became a painter and a … Continue reading Mini Biography: Rogier van der Weyden

Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds is a very recent Digital Composite that combines an old, mixed media, never finished paper collage, a woman from a Ben Shahn photograph, a photograph of Andy Biersack from the musical group Black Veil Brides, and various digital effects under the title of a song sung by Elvis. A few years ago artist trading cards became a minor fad in some circles. The idea was … Continue reading Suspicious Minds

Mini Biography: Adelaide Labille-Guiard

Birth: Apr. 11, 1749 Death: Apr. 23, 1803 Nationality: French Movement: Neoclassical The youngest of a Parisian shop keep, Labille-Guiard studied miniature painting before marrying a clerk at age 20. She studied pastels after her marriage and exhibited her artwork at the Académie de Saint-Luc until it closed 1776. The following year Labille-Guiard separated from her first husband although the two didn’t officially divorce for … Continue reading Mini Biography: Adelaide Labille-Guiard

Trick of the Eye

This week’s Digital Composite is Trick of the Eye which was my entry to a Dada inspired magazine for their Eye for a Lie edition. The women are from an old advertisement and the fetus is actually the work of Leonardo daVinci (who completed intricate drawings of internal anatomy from cadavers as well as the more well known drawings of visible anatomical features of the … Continue reading Trick of the Eye

Mini Biography:Theodore Gericault

Birth: Sept. 26, 1791 Death: Jan. 26, 1824 Nationality: French Movement: Romanticism Born in northern France, Gericault was trained in what is currently known as English sporting art although, at the time, it was thought of more as animal art depicting fox hunts, horse racing, and game hunting. In his early 20’s he self-studied at the Louvre and at Versailles and exhibited in the 1812 … Continue reading Mini Biography:Theodore Gericault

Some Examples of the Sublime in Art

The idea behind the philosophical concept of the sublime is that some events are so large, or so fascinating and fear inspiring, that they cause us to feel extreme feelings beyond our normal everyday feelings. It is a greatness that cannot be calculated by our humble little minds or hearts. A vastness we can never conquer. We are awed by what we see and feel … Continue reading Some Examples of the Sublime in Art

Mini Biography: Jacques-Louis David

Birth: Aug. 30, 1748 Death: Dec. 29, 1825 Nationality: French Movement: Neoclassical Jacques Louis David was born in 1748 into a wealthy family and, after his father was killed in a duel, he was raised by uncles. A fencing accident left David not only disfigured but also resulted in difficulties eating and speaking which greatly hampered him as an adult. Trained as a painter at the Royal Academy … Continue reading Mini Biography: Jacques-Louis David