Riot of Color x2

Today, two digital composites that are, in fact, one.
Riot of Color in Black and Riot of Color in White uses the same image of protesters positioned in front of a colorful but muted photograph I snapped of decaying Zinnias. The protesters themselves are from 4 different marches for human rights the have occurred over the last 50 years or so primarily in the United Sates. The original photographs can be seen here.


There are layers of protesters in the human component of the piece. The first layer contains the 3 men on the left with their hands raised. They are from a photograph accessed through the news outlet Aljazaara (any extra information about the photo such as date or photographer would be appreciated as I have misplaced my written copy.) The second is the image of 3 children (who are from left to right: Donzaleigh Abernathy, Ralph David Abernathy the 3rd, and Juandalynn R. Abernathy) holding hands and marching with an unnamed priest. The group was photographed during the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965  by an unknown photographer. The young Abernathys’ mother and father were pictured marching in the row behind them with Martin Luther King, Jr and his wife Coretta Scott King in the original photograph. The 4 men with linked arms in the 3rd layer were protesting police brutality in New York City when they were photographed by Corky Lee (1975). And lastly, Diana Davies photographed the two young women at the back of the purposefully diverse group in 1970 at the Women’s Strike for Equality March which took place in NYC and throughout the United States.


I wanted to show the pictures together because I feel that the viewer gets a better sense of the richness of human diversity and how the abundance of shades and hues improves our experience when juxtaposed with a whitewashed version.