Mini Biography: Maurice Quentin de La Tour

Born in northern France, La Tour was apprenticed at age 15 to a local painter but moved to Paris at age nineteen. In his mid-20’s he was encouraged to take up pastels which is medium for which he is known and in 1737 he exhibited both a portrait of another artist’s wife and a portrait of himself entitled Self-Portrait, Laughing the the Salon in Paris. Continue reading Mini Biography: Maurice Quentin de La Tour


Ode to Acrylic Paint

A few months ago I made the offhand comment that I use acrylic paint because I’m too impatient to wait for oil paints to dry. And while that is true, it is also true that I found the chemicals painters use to clean oil off their brushes so noxious that after receiving some oil paints, brushes, a canvas, and turpentine for Christmas as a young teenager I never thought much about painting again – well, not until my 20’s when I had my own place and was in charge of buying my own art supplies. Continue reading Ode to Acrylic Paint