Mad House

An update for Robert Capa’s Mussolini photograph from the early 1940’s, Mad House features Capa’s solitary figure and sidewalk. I’ve added the silhouettes of 4 little boys running in the opposite direction and blurred them to reinforce the concept of movement but which also gives the children’s figures another point of dissimilarity to the grown man. Continue reading Mad House


Mini Biography: Anna Lea Merritt

Born to a prosperous Quaker couple in Philadelphia, PA. Merritt was well educated in classical subjects and the arts. She attended the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, where she studied anatomy, before moving to Europe where she studied art with various artists. Continue reading Mini Biography: Anna Lea Merritt

Enemies or collateral damage

In the introduction to Robert Capa/Photographs Richard Whelan writes, “Soldiers are able to use their terrible weapons of mass destruction only because they have been trained to conceptualize their victims not as individuals but as a category – the enemy.” Whelan makes the claim that Capa, who wielded a camera instead of an assault rifle, had no enemy and saw all of his subjects as individuals. Continue reading Enemies or collateral damage

Mini Biography: Maria Sibylla Merian

Birth: April 2, 1647 Death: Jan. 13, 1717 Nationality: German Movement:Illustrator Born in Frankfort, Merian’s father was an engraver and although he died when she was only 3 her mother married again – this time to the flower and still life painter, Jacob Marrel. Throughout her childhood Merian received art lessons and possessed a burning interest in insects. At 18 she married and had a … Continue reading Mini Biography: Maria Sibylla Merian

New Day New Life (Ellis Island)

In New Day New Life (Ellis Island) I only used two photographs preferring to use plain, unadulterated colors to do most of the heavy lifting. The original 1913 photograph taken by Edwin Levick and accessed from the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection can be seen here and depicts a man standing and looking out over the water in New York Harbor with boats and the shore line in the distance. Continue reading New Day New Life (Ellis Island)

Mini Biography: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Birth: March 5, 1696 Death: March 27, 1770 Nationality: Italian Movement: Rococo Born in Venice, Tiepolo was apprenticed to painter Gregorio Lazzarini at about age 14 and was a member of an artist’s guild by age 21. He painted frescoes for wealthy families and completed at least one canvas for a church early in his career. Eventually he received a commission for a cathedral as well … Continue reading Mini Biography: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Dead End

Dead End is another new Digital Composite which only uses two images but several photography software effects. The original photograph by Eli Reed, which can be seen here, contains a whole spectrum of gray tones. I wanted far fewer mid-values and the resulting higher contrast between the white and black was accomplished with software. I then printed that image and cut out the window panes … Continue reading Dead End