Dividing Green

The background is photograph taken with my phone of pieces of painted paper bisected by a strip of masking tape running across each one. The paper rectangles were arranged, more or less haphazardly, on top of the over painted surface of a work table. I used Photoshop to soften and blur the background and picked up a green shade from the paint on the table to use for the 3 lines of color that run behind the human figures. Continue reading Dividing Green

Symbolism in Art

I recently read an article on Atlas Obscura about the Merry Cemetery in Romania. What makes this cemetery unique, and merry, are the elaborate and colorful gravestones created by Stan Ioan Patras. Patras, a wood carver and epitaph poet, used colors to represent everything from fertility to freedom, black birds to symbolize suspicious or tragic deaths, and white doves to depict an individual’s soul. He carved approximately 600 markers in his 50+ year career. Continue reading Symbolism in Art