Mini Biography: Zinaida Serebriakova

Birth: Dec. 12, 1884
Death: Sept. 19, 1967
Nationality: Russian/French
Movement: Impressionism
Born into an artistically inclined family in what is now the Ukraine, Serebriakova attended art school first in Russia and after a trip to Italy she studied art in Paris as well. Married at 21, she became recognized as an artist soon afterward and began showing her work which frequently depicted rural life. The personal tragedy of losing her husband and the father of her 4 children coincided with the Russian Revolutions in 1917 and poverty forced Serebriakova to give up oil painting briefly. She lived with the artists of the Moscow Art Theater in 1920 when she was forced by authorities to share her apartment. Serebriakova traveled to Paris in 1924 to work on a commission but was not allowed to return to her homeland which caused her to be separated from her children. The youngest two were allowed to join her after a few years. She traveled extensively in Africa and was enamored of the landscape and woven fabrics. In the late 1940’s Serebriakova became a French citizen. Her artwork was exhibited in the Soviet Union the year before she died.
Some of her notable work includes: The Shoots of Autumn Crops (1908), Harvest (1915), and House of Cards shown both below and in the header image. House of Cards depicts her four children after the death of their father and in the midst of poverty and political turmoil. To see more of her work visit WikiArt.
Serebriakova, Zinaida. House of Cards (1919).