Under a Fractured Flag

This digital composite utilizes a background made from an abstract painting that I had abandoned, and three other images.
Under a Fractured Flag.jpg
The figure in the foreground is a guard photographed by John Vachon which can be seen here. Behind him an image of a tank and then a second black and white photograph which contained the line of police officers leaning against a fence and behind them a crowd of citizens. The inclusion of the barely visible citizens was important to me but they needed to seem small and inconsequential to the main part of the image. The triangular formation of police officers “protecting” the tank from the crowd behind and the viewers in front of the picture plane is really the point of this digital composite. The bracketing of the tank by the large uniformed figure in front and the similarly outfitted figures in the back increase the sensation that the police and the Army are a conjoined unit distinctly separate from the citizenry. In addition, Vachon’s guard seems to loom above the viewer but also, since his gaze is directed to the side instead of directly ahead, he seems dismissive as well.  The abstract was altered with software to make it appear more like fabric (if I wanted to get poetic I could discuss the ripping of the social fabric of our society) although the basic composition of the painting was not changed.