Subliminal uses 5 different photographs and various special effects available through Photoshop. The focus of the piece, what I want people to pay attention to, is the yellow sign, which is on the screen farthest from the viewer, but proclaims “It’s over, she lost” and in much smaller, barely legible, letters “shut up.” Although the sign is small that part of the image is rendered in full, hot colors. The homemade billboard is from a photograph taken by an unknown person and posted on at least one Facebook page as well as in a closed Facebook group. I wanted to show the persistent attempts of Republican politicians and Trump supporters who reside in the middle part of American to re-frame the nation-wide protests and multitudes of anti-Trump groups as just being about winning or losing a contest as opposed to actual resistance to the ideas, actions, and policies of the current administration.
In the image a group of average American citizens are being shown the message while simultaneously being entertained. They are joined by some health care professionals with a cart of medical supplies (the original black and white photograph of them can be viewed here.) The 3 medical personnel in the second screen represent stable, trustworthy, compassionate, authority figures but the doctor, closest to the viewer, is hunched over, behind all of the regular people, and really only visible to the others in white indicating there might be a hidden agenda or other motives in this whole activity. He is observing and studying them even taking notes as the images on the screen(s) become more and more vague and lacking detail.

Subliminal 2