Mini Biography: Jennie Augusta Brownscombe

Birth: Dec. 10, 1850
Death: Aug. 5, 1936
Nationality: American
Movement: Colonial Revival
Born in a farmhouse in northern Pennsylvania Brownscombe was an only child and encouraged in artistic endeavors by her mother. At 18, after her father’s death, she started teaching school and illustrating for magazines and books. Brownscombe studied art in New York (at the Cooper Institute School of Design for Women, the National Academy of Design, and Art Students League) throughout most of the 1870’s and in Paris briefly in the early 1880’s. Brownscombe painted in two mediums as well as producing illustrations and etchings and working as a commercial artist. Her artwork appeared on countless greeting cards and calendars in the late 1800’s. She painted portraits and genre pieces but also depicted historic events from the Colonial period. Well into her 70’s she was still creating book and magazine illustrations and she continued painting even after a stroke in the early 1930’s. She is buried in her hometown of Honesdale, PA. Since 1982, Brownscombe’s work has been exhibited 3 times in her home state of Pennsylvania.
Some of her notable work includes: The Homecoming (1885), Love’s Young Dream (1887), and The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth pictured below and altered as the header image.
Brownscombe, Jennie Augusta. The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth (1914). Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, MA.