Mini Biography: Emma Lampert Cooper

Birth: Feb. 24, 1855
Death: June 30, 1920
Nationality: American
Movement: Realism
Born in western NY to German immigrants, Lampert attended college and was active in Rochester, NY’s art scene before studying art in NYC at Cooper Union, the Art Students League, and with the founder of what is now known as the Parsons School of Design. She also studied in Paris and the Netherlands for a few years returning home to NY to teach. While teaching she showed work at the World’s Fair in Chicago and an international expo in Atlanta. By the late 1890’s she was traveling extensively through Europe and India. As a successful artist she was a member of many clubs and organizations including both the Philadelphia and New York watercolor clubs and the Women’s Art Association of Canada. In 1912, she and her husband were passengers on a ship bound for Gibraltar that aided in the rescue of survivors from the Titanic disaster. Her husband, the artist Colin Campbell Cooper, painted numerous paintings memorializing the tragic incident. Lampert Cooper died of Tuberculosis in her mid 60’s.
Some of her notable work includes: Hillside at Picardy (bef. 1887), The Breadwinner pictured below and altered as the header image, and Weaving Homespun (1904).
Lampert Cooper, Emma. The Breadwinner (1891), Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, NY.