Sugar Detox Blues

We, my wife and I, have started a 31-day sugar detox. We are on day 1 and as it is a blog day I should be blogging but right at this moment my only real thought is I’m kinda hungry and it’s still a long time until bedtime.
I sorted through my collection of quotes from artists hoping to find blog inspiration but didn’t.
The first 3 days are the withdraw days when you might experience fatigue, low blood sugar, dizziness, brain fog, anxiety, and irritability.
I checked through some old, unpublished blog posts thinking that one of those might, with some polishing, pass muster but they didn’t.
On day 4 though I will get an apple. I’m really looking forward to that apple.
I searched through my news feed hoping to find something interesting (and not political) but ended up in the Cooking section of the NYTimes where there are lots of interesting things I don’t want to think or write about.
I’m going to go drink some water. Check back Thursday for the Mini Biography – hopefully.