Mini Biography: Marguerite Zorach

Birth: Sept 25, 1887
Death: June 27, 1968
Nationality: American
Movement: Fauvism
Born in California, Zorach was well educated as a child and studied both music and Latin before attending Stanford. She left the university though to attend a private art school in Paris and socialize with a number of influential artists. Zorach exhibited work in Paris in the early 1910’s in that same general time period she embarked on a world tour and visited places like Jerusalem, Myanmar (previously called Burma), and Hawaii before returning to her native California. Soon her return to the USA she moved to NYC, got married, and had two children. In 1917, after giving up painting, Zorach started creating textile works. Her textile work was not always well received by the established art world but paid well. She returned to painting in her 50’s while working for the WPA. At age 76, Zorach received a Doctorate of Fine Arts from Bates College in Maine.
Some of her notable works include: My Home in Fresno around the Year (1900), Gate of the Sun Toledo (1910), and Portrait of Bill pictured below. The image in the header is an embroidery piece entitled The Circus.
Zorach, Marguerite. Portrait of Bill (1925), Smithsonian American Art Museum, Wash DC.
To see more of her work visit:
Smithsonian American Art Museum
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