Target Fear

Target Fear is a digital composite I created to share in the group Target Resistance and includes a black and white photograph from Dorothea Lange and one I arranged and photographed with a digital camera.

Target Fear

From Lange’s photograph I took only the two women and applied photography software effects to really simplify their presence. I wanted the protective, or supportive, huddle and for them to retain not only their race but also their air of respectability without getting bogged down by the details of their outfits.
The dartboard and dart are my own as is the hand printed word ‘FEAR’ on a piece of crumpled rice paper. I arranged the elements and took several shots with a Canon Powershot SX 210 IS and after applying an unknown number of different Photoshop effects got the version pictured above. I seriously could not tell you everything that was digitally done to that dartboard. The almost white color for the extreme background was chosen so as to not distract from the main elements and to provide another muted shade. The green of the dartboard has been reduced to just a hint while the red remains an identifiable presence intensified by the red dart.
I am typically reluctant with this type of image to point out my message as I think that most people can not only figure out the main point but also can add their own highly nuanced fine details based on the information already provided and their own personal experiences.

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