Mini Biography: Susan Stuart Frackelton

Born: June 5, 1848
Died: April 14, 1932
Nationality: American
Movement: Ceramics
Born in Wisconsin, Frackelton nee Goodrich attended school in Milwaukee and later married an English immigrant who fathered her 4 children before divorcing. Although Frackelton had originally studied landscape painting and worked in a variety of mediums she settling into ceramics in her late 20’s which was economically fortuitous for her family. By 1883, she had founded her own ceramics company, was teaching painting, and within a few years Frackelton had also received at least 2 patents for gas kilns she designed. She created the Blue and Grey pottery she is known for around the same time period. Frackelton wrote an instruction manual for china painting that was published in 1886 called Tried by Fire. In 1893 Frackelton won 9 medals for her work at the Chicago World’s Columbian Expo which attracted international attention. Her work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States most recently in 1988.
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