Paired Digital Composites: Girl and Boy

These two digital composites are titled simply Girl and Boy because this type of composite is unlikely to be repeated with other boys and girls in the future but I do like the idea of doing commissioned portraiture in this manner.
The girl, Evelyn Casey, and the boy, Phillip Sowa, both sat for photographer and sociologist Lewis Hine. Hine is best known for his photographic documentation of child laborers before the passage of the Keating–Owen Act (1916) which sought to limit the factory labor of children under 14 and the more effective Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) which improved the lot of all workers in addition to reducing child labor. The original photographs can be viewed here.
Girl is primarily made with effects and elements from Photoshop as both the butterflies and the daisy are graphics available with the software. The background is a highly altered design found at the New York Public Library Digital Collection. I added color and texture to her clothes digitally as well.


The background for Boy is a stamped acrylic design on paper which I scanned int the computer and altered to get a watercolor effect. His clothes, like Evelyn Casey’s, are textured and colored digitally and instead of a plethora of butterflies he has only two broken clocks.
If you get a chance, check out the photography of Lewis Hine at the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog. There are children actively involved in nearly every kind of job imaginable as well as sit-down portraits like the two above and some group shots. Each is typically accompanied by the child’s name, age, occupation, geographic location, and a quote from them or a bit of personal information about them.