Front Porch

Front Porch uses 5 photographic elements. The predominant one is a family photograph of my grandfather staining or finishing the picnic table where many years later I would sometimes eat my lunch and where I open-air stored my always impressive and constant yet ephemeral collection of locust shells. I have digitally colored and added texture to the row home’s brick and added touches of green to the tiny shrubs in the immediate foreground. The other 4 photographs are displayed in the window panes and from the top left moving clock ways are: a train engine altered with a pencil effect from Photoshop, an old factory, the same pencil effect added to a collection of old hardware, and a photograph of a small Eastern European boy taken at a refugee camp during WWII with a watercolor effect. Each pane incorporates some identity or characteristic that I associate with my grandfather which makes this composite essentially a portrait of my grandfather since I have never been able to draw or paint one. An added benefit is that my grandmother took the original photograph.