Mini Biography: Remedios Varo

Birth:Dec. 16th, 1908
Death: Oct. 8th, 1963
Nationality: Spanish/Mexican
Movement: Surrealism
Remedios Varo was born in Spain to an engineer with a penchant for perfectionism and a religious devotee suffering the loss of a previous child and the interests and influences of both of Varo’s parents is present throughout the artist’s body of work. She was well educated and well traveled as a child and at age 15 she left her parents to attend the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. By age 20 Varo had married a fellow student and for the next ten years she made art and expanded her politically active, bohemian circle of associates, friends, and collaborators. It was during this time she became involved in the Surrealist movement. In 1940, Varo was briefly imprisoned in Nazi occupied France due to political beliefs and perhaps the political activities of her husband at the time, poet Benjamin Péret. Soon after being released Varo and Peret fled to Mexico where Varo worked as a commercial artist, a decorator, and designed theatrical costumes. She had her first solo show in Mexico in 1955 and due to the critical acclaim became an overnight sensation in Mexico. Varo was perhaps at the pinnacle of her career when she died of a heart attack at age 54.

“I do not wish to talk about myself because I hold very deeply the belief that what is important is the work, not the person.”

Some of Varo’s notable work includes: Homo rodans (1959), Towards the Tower (year unknown), and Phenomenon (year unknown). The sculpture Homo rodans is pictured below while the header image is an altered photograph of Varo painting in her studio.


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