Although I was raised and lived for almost 3 decades in the suburbs of the greatest city in the U.S.A. (Philadelphia, PA) I have resided in OKC for 18 years. Getting cheesesteaks and pretzels still makes me happy but OKC is getting more interesting and moving up the cool chart. We’ve got the Thunder, the requisite monolith of the city skyline, more and more live music and art events, and some killer burger joints.

I can draw a lot of things but I typically draw people. A lot of people. Sometimes whole people but sometimes just a face, or an eye, or a gracefully arched back. I include animals and buildings with my people occasionally. For a long time I drew geometric shapes with pen and ink. Buildings and homes in proper perspective. I like to draw rocks and trees but people are my thing. And I will draw with anything I can find. Crayons, pens, pencil stubs, burnt sticks, dust and condensation. Left long enough without drawing tools and I start arranging rocks into patterns.

I also believe everyone should be able to connect to the art and, subsequently, to the artist. I want my viewer to have to work a little bit for that connection. The artist’s version of not giving the milk away for free, I guess. But connecting with my subjects (predominately human as previously discussed) and connecting with the viewers of my artwork (also predominately human) is one of the reasons I’ve started this blog.

So … here we go.


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