Mini Biography: Elenore Plaisted Abbott

Although there is some confusion about the year of Plaisted Abbott’s birth she was born in Maine and received an extensive art education primarily in the Philadelphia area. She studied at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art), the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and Drexel University. Continue reading Mini Biography: Elenore Plaisted Abbott

Mini Biography: Emily Sartain

Birth: March 17, 1841 Death: June 17, 1927 Nationality: American Movement: Mezzotint Engraving Born into a family of artists and printers in Philadelphia, PA Sartain was well educated and encouraged to pursue an art career. After a Grand Tour chaperoned by her father Sartain studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and became acquainted with both Mary Cassatt and Thomas Eakins. In addition to … Continue reading Mini Biography: Emily Sartain

Cultural appropriation, go fish.

But oddly enough cultural appropriation is a hot topic in art right now too. In March at the Whitney Biennial Dana Schutz’s piece Open Casket (a painting of Emmitt Till based off of photographs taken at his funeral service) caused protests, letter writing, tweets, news articles, opinion pieces, and the buttonholing of several black artists for their thoughts and feelings about the work. Continue reading Cultural appropriation, go fish.

Mini Biography: Maria Sibylla Merian

Birth: April 2, 1647 Death: Jan. 13, 1717 Nationality: German Movement:Illustrator Born in Frankfort, Merian’s father was an engraver and although he died when she was only 3 her mother married again – this time to the flower and still life painter, Jacob Marrel. Throughout her childhood Merian received art lessons and possessed a burning interest in insects. At 18 she married and had a … Continue reading Mini Biography: Maria Sibylla Merian

Mini Biography: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Birth: March 5, 1696 Death: March 27, 1770 Nationality: Italian Movement: Rococo Born in Venice, Tiepolo was apprenticed to painter Gregorio Lazzarini at about age 14 and was a member of an artist’s guild by age 21. He painted frescoes for wealthy families and completed at least one canvas for a church early in his career. Eventually he received a commission for a cathedral as well … Continue reading Mini Biography: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Mini Biography: Maurice Quentin de La Tour

Born in northern France, La Tour was apprenticed at age 15 to a local painter but moved to Paris at age nineteen. In his mid-20’s he was encouraged to take up pastels which is medium for which he is known and in 1737 he exhibited both a portrait of another artist’s wife and a portrait of himself entitled Self-Portrait, Laughing the the Salon in Paris. Continue reading Mini Biography: Maurice Quentin de La Tour