Mini Biography: Louise Élisabeth Vigée LeBrun

She became Marie Antoinette’s official portrait painter, a position she held for 10 year. During that time Vigee LeBrun painted a great number of portraits of Antoinette including several with her children including the future King of France Louis XVII. Continue reading Mini Biography: Louise Élisabeth Vigée LeBrun


Mini Biography: Adelaide Labille-Guiard

Birth: Apr. 11, 1749 Death: Apr. 23, 1803 Nationality: French Movement: Neoclassical The youngest of a Parisian shop keep, Labille-Guiard studied miniature painting before marrying a clerk at age 20. She studied pastels after her marriage and exhibited her artwork at the Académie de Saint-Luc until it closed 1776. The following year Labille-Guiard separated from her first husband although the two didn’t officially divorce for … Continue reading Mini Biography: Adelaide Labille-Guiard

Mini Biography: Jacques-Louis David

Birth: Aug. 30, 1748 Death: Dec. 29, 1825 Nationality: French Movement: Neoclassical Jacques Louis David was born in 1748 into a wealthy family and, after his father was killed in a duel, he was raised by uncles. A fencing accident left David not only disfigured but also resulted in difficulties eating and speaking which greatly hampered him as an adult. Trained as a painter at the Royal Academy … Continue reading Mini Biography: Jacques-Louis David

Mini Biography: Marie-Gabrielle Capet

Birth:September 6, 1761 Death: 1818 Nationality: French Movement: Neoclassic Born in Lyon, Capet moved to Paris to attend the Royal Academy of Art where only four female students were permitted to study at a time. She is depicted as a student in a painting by her teacher Adélaïde Labille-Guiard. The work, Self-Portrait with Two Pupils, was painted in 1785 and currently resides at the Metropolitan Museum … Continue reading Mini Biography: Marie-Gabrielle Capet

Mini Biography: Angelica Kauffman

Birth: Oct. 30, 1741 Death: Nov. 5th, 1807 Nationality: Swiss Movement: Neoclassical Kauffman was very well educated for her time; a talented singer she spoke four languages and was a commissioned portrait painter while still in her teens. She traversed several countries with her father, a mural painter, as his assistant and as such was exposed to a large amount of Classic, Renaissance, and Neoclassical … Continue reading Mini Biography: Angelica Kauffman