Arbus, My Boy, Stay Alert!

Arbus, My Boy, Stay Alert! is a recent digital composition utilizing an old black and white photograph from Diane Arbus but I also used her last name for the composite’s haphazard protagonist as well. He just seemed like an Arby kind of kid. Continue reading Arbus, My Boy, Stay Alert!


Freedom is Always in fashion

Freedom is Always in Fashion is a very recent digital composite and it seems fitting to discuss it today. The original photograph was of a 1962 anti-nuclear weapons (Ban the Bomb) protest in Brooklyn, NY taken by photographer Dick DeMarsico. I cropped the image and changed the sign to reflect current issues. I added color to the young mother’s clothes, the baby’s pants, and the … Continue reading Freedom is Always in fashion

Greeting Card Art

Sometimes I make birthday cards or a tag to go on a gift (so the tag matches the paper) or a Christmas card(s) for friends and family. A money holder I sent this Christmas ended up being fairly elaborate with specifically created artwork in addition to cutting and pasting components together. On other occasions one of my home made card might be very basic and use free Photoshop graphics. One … Continue reading Greeting Card Art

Now Showing

Now Showing,  full image below, combines an untitled photograph from 1935 in Ben Shahn and several smaller photographs of handguns, a bullet, and hunting and assault rifles. Shahn’s photograph was a black and white image of boys looking at movie posters. Werewolves featured prominently. I added color by hand with pencils and texture with Photoshop effects. Each of the guns (and the bullet) received backgrounds … Continue reading Now Showing


Ironlung is an example of what I call a Digital Composite. I take photographic elements and combine them with both digital drawing and/or design as well as more traditional mediums and then apply effects from photography software. I’ve been told to refer to artwork created in any part on a computer as Digital art, however, that term completely ignores the other methods involved. Mixed media, … Continue reading Ironlung

6 Photographers and 1 Artist on Photography

“Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs.” – Ansel Adams “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” – Dorothea Lange    Peavler, Bill. South elevation: Municipal Building, 200 North Walker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, OK (after 1936), Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. Logan, Trace. Oklahoma City Bldg. (2016), OKC, OK.   “I became interested in photography when I … Continue reading 6 Photographers and 1 Artist on Photography