A very simple digital composite Dwarfed is a patchwork of lies Trump told early in his term. Listed by date by one of the major East Coast newspapers the lies are small and/or incredibly stupid and/or real whoppers. Continue reading Dwarfed


Art as Defense/Art as Offense

Art was my protective shield. It remained my defense through junior and senior high giving me an out for my many sins and inadequacies as well as providing a modicum of psychological protection as I was forced to engage with more and more of my age group in larger classes and different and larger schools. Continue reading Art as Defense/Art as Offense

Politics and Art/Art and Politics

I recently read an article on Hyperallergic  by William Powhida that asked “What good can political art do?” He discussed, briefly,  the outward spewing of artists’ personal frustration and anger onto their medium of choice but also the buying and selling of high-end art for political and/or social benefit. He touched on the lack of funding for the arts as well, all in all, a lot of topics for a 5 paragraph article. Continue reading Politics and Art/Art and Politics