A very simple digital composite Dwarfed is a patchwork of lies Trump told early in his term. Listed by date by one of the major East Coast newspapers the lies are small and/or incredibly stupid and/or real whoppers. Continue reading Dwarfed


primary elections, general elections, special elections, run-off elections …

Today was yet another voting day in Oklahoma City and it is the third time I’ve had to cast a vote for someone since the Presidential election on November 8th, 2016 and, although I am a vocal supporter of carrying out our few but important civic duties, I must say all the voting is wearing on me a bit. Continue reading primary elections, general elections, special elections, run-off elections …

Politics and Art/Art and Politics

I recently read an article on Hyperallergic  by William Powhida that asked “What good can political art do?” He discussed, briefly,  the outward spewing of artists’ personal frustration and anger onto their medium of choice but also the buying and selling of high-end art for political and/or social benefit. He touched on the lack of funding for the arts as well, all in all, a lot of topics for a 5 paragraph article. Continue reading Politics and Art/Art and Politics

Enemies or collateral damage

In the introduction to Robert Capa/Photographs Richard Whelan writes, “Soldiers are able to use their terrible weapons of mass destruction only because they have been trained to conceptualize their victims not as individuals but as a category – the enemy.” Whelan makes the claim that Capa, who wielded a camera instead of an assault rifle, had no enemy and saw all of his subjects as individuals. Continue reading Enemies or collateral damage

Freedom is Always in fashion

Freedom is Always in Fashion is a very recent digital composite and it seems fitting to discuss it today. The original photograph was of a 1962 anti-nuclear weapons (Ban the Bomb) protest in Brooklyn, NY taken by photographer Dick DeMarsico. I cropped the image and changed the sign to reflect current issues. I added color to the young mother’s clothes, the baby’s pants, and the … Continue reading Freedom is Always in fashion

Building Walls/Birthright Citizenship

The photographs in the header are the work and property of: Darko Vojinovic/AP, Robert Atanasovski via Getty Images, Milos Bicanski via Getty Images, and Robert Atanasovski via Getty Images listed in order from left to right. The photographs accompanied the following on Huffington Post: Heart-Rending Photos Of Migrant Children Caught In Border Clashes by Katie Sola and the AP news release entitled Macedonia Troops Fire … Continue reading Building Walls/Birthright Citizenship

The Evolution of Personal Belief

Politicians in recent years have gotten a lot of flack over the concept of “evolving” thoughts or beliefs. Pundits seem to equate the evolution of thought with flip-flopping. Personally, I want politicians thoughts and beliefs to evolve just as I want my own to evolve. If there is no evolution of thought then there has been no growth. And no growth means they have either not … Continue reading The Evolution of Personal Belief